RP Alba Ltd is an established provider of radiation protection services to various sectors that work with ionising radiations both in the UK and internationally. We have been providing radiation safety training to our various customers over many years. 

Tailored courses for a range of user groups

We have a variety of courses to offer in a number of sectors, including: veterinary and dental practice; security screening; and the food, nuclear, transport, oil and gas and general industries; non-destructive testing (NDT); radon environments; and X-ray fluorescence. If you cannot find the course you require listed on this site then please do get in touch as we have a range of courses currently in development.

Based on current regulatory requirements

All of our courses are delivered based on current regulatory requirements. As of 1st January 2018, the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) apply to work with ionising radiations in the UK. All our published online courses incorporate the latest regulatory requirements.

Developed and peer reviewed by our expert Radiation Protection Advisers

Our team of certificated Radiation Protection Advisers (RPAs) have developed the content of our training courses based on their decades of practical radiation protection experience. The content of all of our courses has been peer reviewed by at least one other RPA to help ensure that the information presented is technically sound and appropriate to the target delegates.

Competitively priced

Our courses all offer excellent value for money as they help you to save on the travel time/costs of attending face to face training courses or they save you the cost of bringing presenters in to deliver training. All of our courses have no hidden fees and are inclusive of relevant taxes. 

Available as and when you need it

Our online training enables you and your employees 24/7 access to the courses, giving you the freedom to fit training into your schedule. Delegates also have the freedom to continue the course another time and from a different device if necessary, using their individual log in.

Learn at your own pace

Each presentation slide has an associated audio file which can be replayed as many times as you need to help you understand the material being delivered.

Completion certificates

Once a delegate has completed a course they will receive a completion certificate electronically as evidence that they have completed the training required for their role. No additional fee is charged for the electronic supply of course completion certificates.

Suitable for new users of radiation and those needing refreshed

Our courses are tailored for different types of delegates and the individual course descriptions state the target delegate groups. Many of our courses are suitable for those with no prior training in the field of radiation protection as well as those who require refresher training.

Discounts available for groups

We offer reduced course fees for larger numbers of delegates. Please contact us to find out more.

Using reliable technology

We have carefully selected our technological platform for the delivery of our online radiation training courses to maximise the real world availability of our courses to delegates 24/7. 

Courses designed to support lower broadband speeds

We recognise that not all delegates will have access to high-speed broadband connections. We have developed our course structures and delivery mechanisms to be suitable for use in areas where internet download speeds are low. 

Multiple payment options available

We offer a range of payment options, including credit/debit card payments through Stripe, PayPal or by invoice.